Once upon a time there was a boy who really liked playing computer games. He liked it to such an extent that he wanted to create his own.

Every day he went beyond his daily childhood duties by trying to develop one of the most important game artisan skills — the legendary coding power. Years went by, the protagonist was collecting the strength, eventually raising skills in other areas of software craftsmanship. Having reached the age of maturity, he went to the academy to study arcane trivia of computer science under the care of the kingdom’s leading masters.

One day he took part in a training conducted by the elder software wizards. Impressed they were by his knowledge and the brilliance of his mind followed by the most accurate coding spells casted.

Because of that they waited no more and made him an offer. The offer was to work with them, develop skills and power, and make the world a better place.

Because of that he kept following his dreams, gaining knowledge, crafting software and getting recognition. His mastery got proofed by the academy’s diploma and was followed by other triumphs, especially in the cloud witchcraft arena.

Until finally, he, whose name is Antoni Pelka, meets you and your journey together continues...Intrigued?Learn more about my professional life atLinkedIn